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The first meeting of our society took place on 28th June 1974 in the County Hotel, now The Abode. As the founder branch, KFHS members who regularly attend meetings at Canterbury held a small celebration party after the meeting on Friday 13th June 2014.

The President of KFHS (Kent Family History Society), Duncan Harrington, attended the branch celebration party. Duncan is a founder member of KFHS and was elected as Speakers Secretary at the inaugural meeting  of the Society. He was also instrumental in writing the first draft rules of KFHS which were agreed at that first meeting.

Canterbury is now one of 6 branches of the Society holding regular monthly meetings in the county and the Society now has a worldwide membership with agents in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA.

Pictured is Duncan, representing the longest serving members of our Society, cutting the cake with the assistance of Pat and Mike Butcher, representing the newest members  having joined KFHS this month.

The superb celebration cake, which tasted as good as it looked, was designed, baked and iced by our Speakers' Secretary Viv Carter. She had written many Kent place names around the side of the cake complimenting the wonderful design of our county with Invicta on the top. Viv had painstakingly copied the Logo from the original design and drawing by J W Bainbridge, Heraldic Artists, 1940-1996 . 

Thanks go to branch member Stan Dixon for allowing the use of his photographs of the event. Also a big thank you to Alan Makey, a former Canterbury Branch President and current editor of the Society's Journal, for digging into his archives to find us a copy of the minutes of the first meeting which may be accessed from links in the left column of this page.

Tricia Baxter, Secretary & Webmaster David Wood, Branch Chairman Page updated22 February 2016